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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rainbow sprinkles... diy

Basically, the holidays mean sugar, and lots of it... So, why not make it extra special. All if those fancy holiday cookies are perfectly dusted with the most beautiful colors, and festive drinks have festive rims.
This is one of those crazy simple how-tos that will get your creative juices flowing and save you some serious cash. 
I should to give it to the store bought options for convenience, but this will take you even less time than it would to drag on your winter gear, scrape the ice off the car and jaunty on over the the store. So, in short. This way rocks.

• 1 C sugar (I've found that the organic sugar looks the best because of its bigger crystals)
• 15-30 drops Food coloring
• Flavoring, like vanilla or cinnamon (optional)

Place your sugar in a large jar. ( You can absolutely use a bowl and whisk for mixing this is you want to, I just think shaking a jar is fun. It's also a nice excuse to use in leu of the gym.) Add several drops of color to the sugar. (I only ever have the gel version on hand, so I just mix it with about a Tbs of vodka to make it a liquid.) You would add any desired flavorings now. Vanilla is nice on cookies and quite a few of those holiday drinks...

Tightly secure the lid, and shake away! *shake*shake*shake* Keep mixing until the color is evenly distributed. You can add more sugar to lighten the mixture, or more coloring to make it more vibrant.
Once you have reached your desired color, pour the sugar out into a lined cookie sheet to dry. (I'm always thinking about no-mess clean-up.) Drying takes about one hour at room temperature (as long as its not crazily humid). Once the sugar is dry, crumble it with your fingers to separate the granules.
Now, it's time to have fun decorating with all that pretty dust! You can store it in an airtight container (like the jar you used for mixing) for a few months... Though I don't think it'll last that long.

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