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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lorac Pro Palette Review and Swatches


Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. Today we'll be going over one of my favorite goodies that Santa delivered: 
the LORAC PRO Palette.

Let's just get this out of the way: I'm a bit of a sucker for a good neutral eyeshadow palette. And since this fit the bill, it was right at the top of my Christmas wish list.
❤  It was love at first sight. 

 But I'm jumping ahead of myself...

Left side: matte Right side: frost
This little gem comes in a slightly textured,satiny, black case that closes magnetically. I really love the sleekness of it. Just be aware that it attracts dirt/dust/fallout much like NARS packaging. It's around 1/4" smaller than the Urban Decay Naked palette length and width wise. Happily, the Pro is almost half as thick as the Naked palette, making it much more travel worthy. It has a long rectangular mirror under the lid that is plenty large enough to do your makeup on-the-go or while traveling. There's also a clear plastic sheet included as a barrier between the mirror and shadows. I've elected to keep mine, as it helps minimize the dirty look.

The layout of the shadows may be my favorite part of this palette. Two rows of eight shadows are arranged from light to dark, with matte colors on the top, and shimmer/frost below. This makes navigating and finding the exact color you want much simpler. The standout feature of this palate, in my opinion, is the equal number of frost and matte colors. One of my biggest qualms with the UD Naked palettes (both the original and #2) is the high proportion of shimmer shades. I have nothing against shimmer, but having and equal amount of each, in a large range of colors, makes the Pro a much more versatile palette.

Right side of palette.
Left side of palette.
The majority of the colors are neutrals, however there are a few fun shades to play with. Namely garnet (a fun shimmer red,) and deep purple (a dark aubergine shimmer).

The formulation of the matte colors was quite nice. They aren't the silkiest shadows I've ever come across, but they are smooth enough, and extremely pigmented. The shimmer shades are exceptionally creamy. They glide on like a dream and have the same high quality pigmentation as the matte colors. There is a fair amount of fallout, but a quick tap of the brush fixes this little issue.

Top Row: White, Cream, Taupe, Light Pink,
Mauve, Sable, Espresso, Black
Bottom Row: Nude, Champagne, Gold, Light Bronze,
Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate
At a quick first glance, many of the colors could be seen as dupes for the original UD Naked palette. I couldn't find many true individual dupes. As a whole, this palette won't replace UD's Naked. There are, however, many colors that can easily be substituted for one another.
The list below is not dupes, but rather viable substitutions.

❤ Lorac Taupe: UD Buck
❤ Lorac Pewter: UD Toasted
❤ Lorac Mauve: UD Tease

❤ Lorac Nude: UD Sin

❤ Lorac Slate: UD Gunmetal
❤ Lorac Gold ( slightly peachy): UD Half Baked (more of a true yellow toned gold)

❤ Lorac Black: UD Blackout

The last part is a lovely little tube of primer that comes with the palette. The consistency is extremely similar to Tarte's Clean Slate 360° Creaseless eye primer, in that it is a creamy formulation. It helps to prevent creasing and colors to stay on, but doesn't seem to affect the pigmentation of the shadows. In the end, I still seem to gravitate towards my MAC Paint Pot.

Lorac Behind The Scenes
Eye Primer
Overall, I am extremely pleased with this palette. The consistency of the shadows are on par with what you'd expect from a high end company, and the neutral colors allow for daily use. Because of its large percentage of matte colors (when compared with UD's Naked palette) I would recommend the Lorac Pro. I have already gotten a ton of use out of this little baby in the few weeks since receiving it. The Lorac Pro palette is quickly becoming my new favorite (as far as neutral palettes go).

The Lorac Pro Palette retails for $42 anywhere Lorac is sold.

Let me know how you feel about this palette and why your favorite neutral palette is!

Love always,

DisclaimerAll products mentioned on this site were purchased by myself unless otherwise stated. I am not affiliated with any brand or company, nor do I receive any payment for my posts unless stated. Any, and all, opinions voiced on this blog are my own. I attempt to deliver honest and thoughtful opinions on all subjects. 


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