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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wet N Wild Liquid Lip Color

Hello, Lovelies!

This is another one of my first impression reviews. I figured that since my Rimmel BB review was so well received, I'd give you another one to ponder... Wet n Wild Liquid Lip Color.

Let me begin be telling you two things: {1} I, generally speaking, really like liquid lip colors. I love a good stain, gloss, or even occasionally NYX's matte lip creams. {2} Wet n Wild, although amazingly inexpensive, has some seriously awesome gems of products. That being said, this particular lippie is not one of them.

To begin with, there are no claims on the packaging other than it is a "megalast" product, which lead me to believing it is long-wearing. As I said before, I am generally a fan of liquid lipsticks, but this particular formula was unusually unpleasant.

I am not entirely sure what W'n'W was going for. It is one of the oddest textures I've come across yet. At first, it is extremely wet. The built in wiper to remove excess product from the applicator is too wide, so very little product is removed. Before I actually applied it, I thought it might feel somewhat like the Maybelline glossy stains. At first, it did, a little. As it began drying (about 15 seconds later) I felt like I had just painted on a layer of acrylic craft paint. That uncomfortable chalky effect lasted throughout the entire day's wear.

From faraway, this looked decent. Up close was a different story.  I'm not the biggest fan of matte colors, as they tend to exaggerate every crease and line. This did just that. It clung to any area that wasn't extremely moisturized, and sunk into all of my fine lines. The texture was downright awful.

The wear, however,  was pretty impressive. It lives up to the name "Megalast." I had it on for 8+ hours before I decided to take it off. There was minimal to no transfer when eating, drinking, or ah'hem... kissing. But.... and this is a big but: it was nearly impossible to remove. Even when using makeup remover, I essentially had to scrape it off. Once I began scrubbing (literally, I used my diy lip scrub) the lip color began to flake away. Not pretty, and definitely not good for you sensitive lip skin.

The video below shows my first impressions:

Price: $2.99 (with an instant $1 off coupon) at my local Walgreens

Packaging: A clear plastic tube with an hourglass shaped handle. There are no claims or indication as to what the product is other than a "liquid lip color" written on the bottle. The applicator is an elongated doefoot that is extremely flexible. Unfortunately, the wiper or scraper leaves too much product on the wand.

Claims: Other than being part of the "megalast" line, there was nothing to be found on the packaging, or store display. According to the W'n'W website, the formulation is meant to be moisturizing, flexible, and long lasting with a smooth application that is transfer proof.

Pigmentation: Extremely high. I enjoyed the color, and depth.

Application: Patchy. I went back over a second time (after allowing the first coat to dry). This helped even out the coloring somewhat, but made the color look caked on. After patting out the harsh lines with my finger, the coloring was slightly more even.

Finish: Matte. The packaging does not tell you whether the product is a gloss, matte, satin, or shimmer product. I had no idea what to expect.

Scent: Although not overpowering  the scent is slightly unpleasant  It is a chemically, almost plastic-y smell. It does dissipate once dry.

Lasting Power: Amazing. It stayed on for 8+ hours with minimal fading. The very corners of my lips faded slightly. It is frustratingly difficult to remove.


  • Color pigmentation and color options (13 shown on website)
  • Long lasting
  • Transfer resistant once dry


  • Drying (claimed to be moisturizing)
  • Emphasizes lines and cracks; clings to dry patches
  • Cake-y, chalk-y texture that is uncomfortable to wear
  • Patchy application
  • Off putting scent 
  • Difficult removal

Overall Impressions: In the end, after all of my filming and reviewing, I've decided that I won't cash in and use my $1 coupon. The uncomfortable texture, and extremely difficult removal has officially turned me off to this product. Although I loved the color payoff, the patchy application left quite a bit to be desired. This is not one of my favorites from Wet n Wild. I am confused by their claims of a moisturizing formula that will promote a "healthy-looking, plump pout," as it left mine feeling and looking dehydrated. I think I'll stick to some of their other products that I've found tried and true.

Have you tried this product? What did you think?

Love always,

Disclaimer: All products mentioned on this site were purchased by myself unless otherwise stated. I am not affiliated with any brand or company, nor do I receive any payment for my posts unless stated. Any, and all, opinions voiced on this blog are my own. I attempt to deliver honest and thoughtful opinions on all subjects.

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