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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Disclosure Discussion


Thanks to the newly updated FTC Guidelines, I have now introduced lovely little disclosure buttons throughout each (new) post that requires disclosing any type of relationship. I figured that a more complete explanation of the disclosures on Lipstick and Lemonade was required.

 FTC Guidelines regarding disclosure now require disclosures placed in three places throughout each post that has a relationship to disclose in any way.  Those disclosure buttons will come back to this page, to further explain and discuss what each type of disclosure means. One button will be placed on the very top of the post, one next to the product claim, and one at the very end (where you'd normally find my disclosures).

Although I do have relationships with some companies, I do my best to remain as objective as possible and provide information that is honest and accurate. 

Things to disclose:

This one states the obvious. There are no relationships involved in these posts. 

I really do buy a lot of things. It is something that gives me a great deal of pleasure, although I do not expect all of you to immediately go out and purchase the same things I have. Food related items and makeup/products especially for tutorial are primarily purchased my me. 

There are definitely a few items I want to review and am lucky enough to be provided with. Some of these items are not available yet to the public, which offers me a great sneak peek that I am then able to share with you. Not everything that is sent to me gets reviewed. I try to share things with you that I am truely excited about. I don't particularly like writing (or reading) negative reviews, but if I do come across something that I truly dislike, I am always honest in my reviews. Often times, my negatively focused reviews will be in a "first impression" format. I try to be objective and see if an item or product is simply a bad fit. Sometimes (more often than not) something that is great for my skin/hair/diet may not work for everyone (and vise-versa).

I consider a sponsored post a regular post (meaning that it is written by me, using my own opinions, etc), that the brand pays me to ensure that the product makes appearance on the site. Other contingencies may apply, such as timeline, for example.

All of my ads are through Google AdSense. I have no direct contact with the companies whose advertisements appear. 

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