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Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Olive eggs and cheese!" sandwich w/avacado spinach and hot sauce.

BLOG TAKEOVER !!!!!!!!!!

"Olive eggs and cheese" sandwich w/avacado spinach and hot sauce.

  by  Ariels boyfriend Andrew

Hey Everyone,        

                I was making breakfast this morning and took a picture of some eggs and then it hit me! Break into Ariel's blog while she's gone for the week without her knowing and post my breakfast ! Its been deemed the blog takeover! or just me making breakfast with a nicer plate.

( Disclaimer: Tho it isn't Ariel's style I thought I would hold true to the blog world and use excessive punctuations {Disclaimer about the Disclaimer: I'm techie not a writer and the aforementioned disclaimer sounded like a good cover for my poor use of punctuation's} guess I have to close the other 
disclaimers parentheses )  

So without future adieu how to make the above sandwich. 
olive spread
Sharp cheddar cheese
witty charm
1. ) Take eggs out of the fridge
3.) Cook the eggs , make sure the heat
isn't on a million  - medium heat.
4. Put a little water in the pan and cover to cook
the whites ( None of that over easy crap)
2.) Take out the other stuff too once the eggs are out of the way.
5.) Take the pit out of the avacodo with a big ol' knife
because its enjoyable.
6.) Apply avocado and olive spread to bread ( toast the bread btw.)
7.) Pepper eggs, No salt , olives have your back there.
9.) Fail at making it look good.
10.) Try again.
11.)  Clean up mess later

12 .)  and play piano now
                                                                         All done, peace.

P.S  Sorry Honey for breaking into your blog but you have to admit it was a pretty constructive break in... plus how can you stay mad at this face -  Olive you .

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